To passionately emphasize the relationships between one’s self and the world around us, the methodology of my work stems from vivid feelings and memories from my own past and present, which naturally discourse into concepts of how the self is impacted by current affairs. These relationships could be as universal as a fear of never being taken seriously as result of your gender, or as personal as an inability to escape one’s childhood. The alienation that is prompted by society, despite multiple technological advances that are intended to keep us connected, is what brought me to my use of a deconstructed self, which provides a time and place to let go of the burden of selfhood. My use of characters throughout my performances further allows me to investigate the levels of self. Driven by the possibilities of movement as communication, my use of performance and video with installation work to create interactive relationships with the viewer as I am interested in analogies between objects and human bodies. Though the motivation of my work and direction of research stem from personal narratives, I create connections between private and public life where the communication of physical structure questions physical material throughout our self and society.