Seether Bookstore

U.S. prisons give no help to inmates when it comes to making their transition back into society. When someone leaves prison, they have nothing but the clothes on their back. Their time spent on the inside is crippling and alienating, at the very least. Not to mention the effect these institutions have on those who are sentenced to life. Proceeds from all goods purchased from Seether Bookstore go to buying and sending books to those incarcerated. 

Donations are made through various non-profits, as an effort to place advocacy into the hands of those incarcerated instead of solely entertaining them. We do not want to legitimize the prisons, we do not support them, we exist for incarcerated people to benefit and strengthen themselves in whichever ways they feel fit. 

This month, donations are being used to buy books from wish lists compiled by Sex Workers Outreach Project (SWOP) “Behind Bars”

Seether Bookstore only exists on the web for the time being! Follow us at @seether_bookstore on Instagram, and stay tuned on pop up shops/donation opportunities. Seether sells used books as well as zines, artist books, used books and various other printed goods that are donated by the artists themselves.

For all inquires you can direct message Seether’s instagram or e-mail