The Metamorphosis of Body to Object, 2017


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I was one of four Installation Artists to show at SOUP Experimental’s Summer Session ’17. My installation created a perspective of hyper self-awareness in viewers by the miniature video displayed in a miniature room within a chaotic atmosphere similar to a circus tent and distorted American flag. Metamorphosis of Body to Object occurs when there is a transformation in the nature of the body into a different state or for different use. When does the change become something more than from hard to soft? When is a body seen as just an object? An object for control, use or profit? As a woman in the world today, I relate to this when I remember that people who don’t even know what color my eyes are when I cry have control of my body and my future.


To Be Weightless vs. To Be Empty, 2017

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Installation View of Video Projected onto Set

Look within and be aware of your own body.
Does understanding the fragility of our memory and life make you feel weightless?
Do you ever feel yourself trying to make something stay while it is leaving, or already gone?

Being a dancer for thirteen consecutive years, the most literal form of narrative I have ever created was through choreography. For the last six years, it has haunted me that I would or will lose my ability to dance, therefore losing a vital outlet for expression. I have a fear of this place in my mind and body that has always been occupied by dance becoming empty, and disappear. This choreography tells the story of this fear of emptiness, in our bodies and minds, as well as things around us. The pairing of the classical ballet rule to appear weightless and rigid movements of modern dance evoke disorientation and displacement, while the contrasting whimsical, dreamscape set (which I built with cardboard, plaster, fabric and the cheapest acrylic paint) reinforced this concept of weightlessness, emptiness, and the inevitable deterioration over time. I feel this fear in many ways beyond my relationship to dance, and maybe you can relate, too.


Down Clown, 2016


I’ll see you there
In Hell, right where you left me
I’ll see you there
I’m right where you left me
choking on air
apologizing for nothing

This video was projected on 50 white balloons as part of an installation. There were zines that included the text above, and a pair of scissors were placed next to them instructing viewers to take one, or pop one (in reference to the balloons). The concept here is recognizing there are things you cannot laugh off, and your validity, as well as importance, is always present in your feelings.


Collaboration with Aubrey Finnegan, 2016

sound  sound

Screen Prints on Fabric and Wallpaper as an exploration of transforming a space through visual and audio mirages.


Romantic Imitation, 2015



Installation Shots of Rose with 20 Double-Sided Screen Printed Roses

The audio of this installation was a song I wrote about an abusive partner, and this installation was my manifestation of a dream where I was forced to confront this partner with romantic imitation for my own nightmarish closure and understanding.


Turn That Back On I Was Watching That, 2015


Mixed Media Installation recalling how my anxiety and depression started in early childhood and is still present today. This installation was paired with a zine that touched on the building and destruction of one’s self through self talk.