I emphasize the relationships that demand to be felt between one’s self and the world we live in, such as: the fear of never being taken seriously as a woman resulting from centuries of inequality or the inability to escape the past of our childhood or ancestors, leading to the alienation that is prompted by society, despite endless technological advances that are intended to keep us connected. Though the motivation of my work and research stem from personal narratives to create connections between private and public experiences, using my physical self to express physical topics, such as how the personal is political, allows me to utilize a deconstructed self in performance where the physical body can exist in the immediate present, providing a time and place to let go of the burden of selfhood, while the communication of physical structure questions physical material as we begin to express these ties to the world we live in.  By developing a narrative through a choreography to creating a dreamscape from cardboard and paint, I transform the physical space to provoke feelings of fear, displacement or at least self awareness.


In effort to understand the body as a malleable yet limited vessel for our expansive yet tainted minds, I create art and performances with a foundation of un humor noir, expressing the finitude of the human body and mind with comical acknowledgment as opposed to the typical tragic proclamation. Un humor noir takes typically dark subject matter with the approach of liberating as opposed to depressing one’s self, most commonly seen when a super ego is observing an ego in such a manner. I use this tactic in effort to express the communication that occurs within ourselves as well as how we communicate with our surroundings, whether it’s communicating the escape from the self-hatred through mania or the acceptance of limitations in our interchangeable nature through improvisation.

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