Alexa Turnbull

Western Carolina University, Masters of Fine Arts, 2021
Florida State University, Bachelor of Arts, 2017
Edison State College, Associate of Arts, 2014
2018. Student Employee of the Year, FSU Career Center, 2018
2017. Berlyn Arnett BA Award, FSU College of Fine Arts, 2017
2015. Best in Show, Working Method Contemporary, 2015
2019. As Long As I Can Hold My Breath, Sun in my Eyes Screening – London, England
2019. Bad Video Art Festival, Zverev Center of Contemporary Art – Moscow, Russia
2019. Peach Pie, Goodyear Arts – Charlotte, NC
2019. Fiber Optimism, 130 Gallery – Cullowhee, NC
2019. Street/Art, Push Gallery – Asheville, NC
2019. Sidewalk Daydream: Narrative Art Exhibition, ZaPow Gallery – Asheville, NC
2018. Gendered Fury, 130 Gallery – Cullowhee, NC
2018. Microcinema Screening, The Glitter Box – Pittsburgh, PA
2018. Queering the Mountains, 130 Gallery – Cullowhee, NC
2018. Risotto’s Riso Room, The Glue Factory – Glasgow, Scotland
2018. Extra: Millenial Art Celebration, Bardo Arts Center – Cullowhee, NC
2017. Water Pump, Moisturizer Gallery – Gainesville, FL
2017. Performance at the Boogeyman’s Ball, The Living Gallery – Brooklyn, NY
2017. Collaborative Show with Brittany Watkins, Phyllis Strauss Gallery – Tallahassee, FL
2017. Night of Magical Videos, The Shop – Pittsburgh, PA
2016. Art of Darkness, 621 Gallery – Tallahassee, FL
2016. Comedy Show! It’s a Comedy Show!, Phyllis Straus Gallery – Tallahassee, FL
2016. So You Think You Can Art?, Phyllis Straus Gallery – Tallahassee, FL
2016. Spooky House Show, Pop Up Art Show – Tallahassee, FL
2016. Dwellings, SOUP Gallery – Tallahassee, FL
2016. Performance at Lounge Night, 621 Gallery – Tallahassee, FL
2016. Summer Depression, Glassworks Gallery – Tallahassee, FL
2015. House Art Show, Pop Up Art Show – Tallahassee, FL
2015. Nobody Told Me, Ogelsby Union Gallery – Tallahassee, FL
2015. Words and Art, Ivory Tower Collective – Tallahassee, FL
2015. Rape Culture, Working Method Contemporary – Tallahassee, FL
2014. More Than a Body: Feminist Art Exhibit, Ogelsby Union Gallery – Tallahassee, FL
2013. Grand Illusion Gallery – Fort Myers, FL
2013. Bob Rauschenberg Gallery – Fort Myers, FL
2013. Rush Collections Gallery – Fort Myers, FL
On Going. Seether Bookstore.
Seether Bookstore sells zines, artist books, used books and other printed goods that are donated by various folks. Proceeds from all goods purchased from Seether Bookstore go to buying and sending books to prisoners. Donations are made through Sex Workers Outreach Project (SWOP) “Behind Bars”. This program is working to help incarcerated people transition back to their community and not re-offend. These books are putting the power to improve their lives, in and out of prison, in their own hands, as each book wishlist is compiled by those who are incarcerated.
instagram: seether_bookstore,


On Going. Zine Workshops.
As myself & Seether Bookstore, I host zine making workshops in various communities that express need for strengthening communication within a community. I bring various supplies, including a scanner and printer to make multiples of the hard copies made. In these workshops, I discuss the history of zines and why self publishing is important to the individual as well as community.


2019, 2018. Tallahazine Fest.
A group of 4 Tallahassee DIY beings, myself included, orchestrated Tallahassee’s first ever zine fest. With hundreds of participants from all around Florida, it is an all day event, where tables are set up with folks selling their goods. This was something the community had been missing, and we just had our second zine fest in 2019. It is officially an annual event.
2017. Postcard Printing Workshops.
Brainstorming, sharing, educating, and screen printing postcards to send to our Senators about various issues that came with the new president.


2016. Teaching Assistant for Mary Stewart’s Creative Inquiry – Florida State University
Since only graduate students are given teaching assistant positions, I was treated as a graduate student while being Mary Stewart’s TA for her Interdisciplinary Honors course, Creative Inquiry. I was responsible for uploading online course material, announcements, and e-mails. I developed a class exercise on imaginative thinking, and later lead the discussion for introducing the classes final project.


2016 & 2015. Prints Over Easy.
Running the portable screen printing cart in the 621 Annex for First Friday’s every month. Anyone was welcome to come and pull a print to take home with them, and learn more about the process and it’s versatility. Donations were welcome and all funds were put into the FSU Print Club.
2018. Recruitment & Admissions Assistant – Florida State University, Department of Art
Any and all undergraduate and graduate Art inquiries came to me. I supplied information about the programs, gave tours, and put folks in contact with faculty and students that seemed beneficial. I was also responsible for sending Letters of Acceptance, and tracking communication with prospective students.


2016-18. Research Assistant – Florida State University, Department of Art
From creating a spreadsheet or powerpoint to sorting through course searches or award applications, I came to understand the importance of office tasks. My ongoing side project had been collecting Alumni Profiles, which entails me interviewing the College of Fine Art’s alumni, and I use the information to publish a profile on the Department of Art’s website.


2014-17. Print Lab Monitor – Florida State University
As a key holder lab monitor, I acted as a “stand in” instructor for any troubleshooting the students need during my lab hours, in addition to cleaning and making sure equipment is intact.


2017. Screen Printing Art Teacher – LeMoyne Art Education Annex
Since most teens (especially in Northern Florida) have never heard of screen printing, I started with a brief introductory to how screen printing started, supplying hands outs and zines to keep and refer back to. Then we made messes, prints, and friendships.


2016, 2015, 2014. Summer Internships at Rauschenberg Residency – Captiva island, FL
The Rauschenberg Residency is an artist residency that offers family residencies over summer, where the selected artists may bring their families to the property to live for one month. This offers a funded residency opportunity to artists who may otherwise not be able to spend a month away from their family. My position at the residency was to be an art camp instructor.


2016, 2015. Event Coordinator of Print Club, Vice President – Florida State University
I was responsible for coordinating all workshops, meetings, auctions, table events and Prints Over Easy events for the club. This included sending e-mails, posting to social medias, printing and posting flyers around town; then having an agenda for each event.


2015. Screen Printer for B-Major Prints – Tallahassee, FL
Very hot warehouse, printing shirt orders for local companies from 20 to 100, two four color presses, and a flash dryer adding to the hot florida warehouse conditions. Never complained.


Life Raft Zine, “Nudity Not Required”, 2016 Newark, Delaware.  Bi-annual feminist zine that strives to challenge the gender binary.
Census Zine, “Machismo”, 2017 Seattle, Washington. Exploring “masculinity” in modern society through various mediums.

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